Research Team

Pi-Ju (Marian) Liu

Dr. Pi-Ju (Marian) Liu is an assistant professor in the School of Nursing and a faculty associate in the Center on Aging and the Life Course at Purdue University. She conducts applied research around elder justice issues, a lot of times working with Adult Protective Services. Her ultimate goal is to empower older adults to live in a society with social justice. She is also the co-chair of the National Adult Protective Services Association Research Committee.
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Kendon J. Conrad

Dr. Kendon J. Conrad is Professor Emeritus of Health Policy and Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His interests include measurement, research methods, elder abuse, financial exploitation and substance abuse. He has led the development of measures used in adult protective services and is studying interventions for financial exploitation.
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Karen Mendala Conrad

Karen Mendala Conrad, PhD, RN, MPH is a Research Associate Professor in Health Policy and Administration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her interests include applied measurement using the Rasch measurement model, program evaluation, and mixed methods research. Topical areas of interest include elder abuse and occupational health.

Zachary Hass

Dr. Zach Hass is an assistant professor in the Schools of Nursing and Industrial Engineering and core faculty member of the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University. Trained as a statistician, his research focuses on evaluation of programs, policies, and interventions in healthcare, particularly those that impact older adults.
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Sara Stratton

Sara Stratton, MSW, is an Adult Protective Services (APS) supervisor and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who retired from San Francisco APS in 2017. Her experience with San Francisco’s APS program spans 20 years, including supervision of APS caseworkers and the development of APS program policies and procedures. She provides training for San Francisco APS and for other California counties through association with University of California, Davis.

Andrew Butler

Andrew Butler is a Behavioral Health Clinician with the City and County of San Francisco. Andrew previously worked in program management for a nonprofit addressing isolation and loneliness amongst older adults, and in University of California, San Francisco to help dual diagnosed adults experiencing homelessness. He was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama where he worked in community development with indigenous Ngobe people.

Jarmin Yeh

Dr. Jarmin Yeh is an assistant professor at the Institute for Health & Aging (IHA), in the School of Nursing, at the University of California, San Francisco. She teaches in the UCSF Master of Science in Healthcare Administration and Leadership (MS-HAIL) Program and in the Health Education Department at San Francisco State University.
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Madelyn Iris

Dr. Madelyn (Micki) Iris was the Director of the Leonard Schanfield Research Institute at CJE SeniorLife in Chicago, Illinois. She was also an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Departments of General Medicine and Preventive Medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. Dr. Iris passed away in January 2020.

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